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Sony CCD-TRV65

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  • Specifications:  Li-Ion   7.2V   6000mAh/6.00Ah   43Whr   1.7lb/771.10g  Color: Gray
  • Same day fast shipping.
  • 1 YR. Battery Warranty
  • $50,000 Equipment Protection Plan Included.
  • Compatible with: Sony CCD-RV100, CCD-RV200, CCD-SC5, CCD-SC5/E, CCD-SC55E, CCD-SC6, CCD-SC65, CCD-SC7, CCD-SC7/E, CCD-SC9, CCD-TR11, CCD-TR1100E, CCD-TR12, CCD-TR18, CCD-TR18E, CCD-TR1E, CCD-TR2, CCD-TR205, CCD-TR2200E, CCD-TR2300, CCD-TR2300E, CCD-TR280PK, CCD-TR290PK, CCD-TR3000E, CCD-TR3100E, CCD-TR311E, CCD-TR315, CCD-TR315E, CCD-TR317, CCD-TR3200E, CCD-TR3300E, CCD-TR411E, CCD-TR412E, CCD-TR413, CCD-TR414, CCD-TR415E, CCD-TR417, CCD-TR417E, CCD-TR425E, CCD-TR427, CCD-TR427E, CCD-TR511E

Sony NP-F960 camcorder battery by Amstron is designed to replace the Sony NP-F750, NP-F930, NP-F950, and NP-F960 camcorder batteries . Chemistry: Lithium Ion. Rating: 7.2V 5500mAh. Run Time: Up to 15 hrs . Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.8 x 1.51 x 2.23. Memory Effect: No . Color: Black/Dark Grey . Warranty: 4 Year *Warranty covers any manufacture defect. Warranty does not cover damages due to misuse of the battery nor diminishing run time due to normal wear and tear.* Fits Kyocera Model: KX-V1U Sony NP-F960 Fits Sony Models CCD-TR717, CCD-TR818, CCD-TR87, CCD-SC55, CCD-TR8E, CCD-SC65, CCD-TR910, CCD-TR1, CCD-TR917, CCD-TR1100E, CCD-TR918, CCD-TR1E, CCD-TR930, CCD-TR200, CCD-TR940, CCD-TR205, CCD-TRV101, CCD-TR2200E, CCD-TRV101E, CCD-TR2300, CCD-TRV110E, CCD-TR3000, CCD-TRV120, CCD-TR3000E, CCD-TRV14, CCD-TR3100E, CCD-TRV15, CCD-TR3200E, CCD-TRV16, CCD-TR3300, CCD-TRV20, CCD-TR416, CCD-TRV215, CCD-TR417, CCD-TRV23, CCD-TR425E, CCD-TRV25, CCD-TR427, CCD-TRV27E, CCD-TR516, CCD-TRV3000, CCD

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June 1, 2013 at 3:39 pm

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