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Create Good Hair Days

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Ever have one of those hair days? Not just a bad hair day, but bad hair on a day when good hair is a must? Just like kids in a grocery store, hair seems to become unruly frequently just when you need it to behave. On days like that, wouldn’t it be nice if a Fairy Godmother flew in with her wand, brush, and spray to have you looking picture perfect in no time?If you are a beautician, here is a niche just for you. You could cash in on all those special occasions when people want to look their absolute best. The possibilities abound. Weddings, proms, and family photos are just a few opportunities for at-home hair care. Instead of the bride, prom queen, or entire family running to the salon for styles that may fall apart before the big event, why not take the salon to hair?I know a lady, who works as a beautician, but doesn’t rent a booth or schedule regular business hours. She works only for the clients she wants to see and performs only the tasks she likes to do. She keeps busy with weddings and formal events on the weekends. Sometimes she books fashion shows or photo shoots during the week.Setting your own hours and choosing the type of work you do are two benefits for the traveling hairdresser. The challenges are few, but they do exist. First, you will need to carry your supplies with you. Secondly, you sometimes work in less than optimal conditions. Dressing rooms, back stage areas, and bride’s rooms sometimes have poor lighting or inadequate space. At times even finding conveniently placed electrical outlets can be a problem.Another issue is advertising. You can’t rely on walk-ins, but you can count on word-of-mouth! Distribute tons of business cards. When working fashion shows and beauty pageants, arrange to have your business listed in the program. Women’s show booths are helpful, too. Foster good working relationships with people in the wedding service industry. They offer an endless supply of potential customers.A twist on this idea is to focus your business on senior citizens. Many elderly women and men have difficulty arranging transportation to the salon. Even people who can’t get around like the used to enjoy getting all dolled up, or at least trimmed up. Retirement homes and assisted living centers often hire beauticians to provide services on-sight. Some of these clients may not be able to pay as much as the beauty pageant contestants, but they will appreciate it more.There is not a person alive who hasn’t experienced a bad hair day. If you have a knack for unfuzzing the frizz and taming the tresses, why not take your talents to where they are truly needed? Get out of the salon and get into business!


Written by robertsmiguel24

November 29, 2016 at 10:05 am

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